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Scuba Diving Grand Cayman at Christmas


When everyone up North is bundled up and tramping around in the snow to get their shopping done, we are still heading out every day in the warm Cayman Islands sea to scuba dive. Why not visit?

Cayman Islands Pirates Week 2014/ Pirates and Diving!

Pirates Week 2014 will start on 6 November and finish on 16 November and will be another eleven fun filled days with music, street dances, competitions, games, wonderful local food and drink, kids day, glittering parade, sports events for everyone, Heritage Days, pirate invasion and fireworks galore! So come on down for some pirates AND scuba diving with us!

Scuba Diving Cayman with Neptune’s Divers

bonnies arch
Big boats/small groups ~ that’s what scuba diving in Cayman with Neptune’s Divers is all about! We never take out any more than 8 divers max on our large 30 and 36 ft. boats, Neptune and Poseidon.

Scuba Diving Cayman Islands 365

cayman islandScuba diving
Did you know that there are over 365 dive sites on all 3 of the Cayman Islands… which means you can scuba dive the Cayman Islands every day of the year and not repeat the same dive site twice!

Cayman scuba diving with turtles

This year we have seen an large amount of mating sea turtles scuba diving in Cayman! We hope that means more turtles to dive with next year!mating turtles 22

Scuba Diving Grand Cayman

Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall ~ the scuba diving in Grand Cayman is spectacular! Enjoy our West And North Walls in the Spring and Summer months. Winter brings on some of our great South Side swim throughs. And Fall? We can hit all sides of the island!180512_1

Scuba diving Grand Cayman’s North Wall in March

The weather has been good to us in 2014! We have been able to scuba dive Grand Cayman’s North Wall both in February and March!

Scuba Diving Grand Cayman at Sting Ray City

casey SRC 2
Come scuba dive Grand Cayman’s World Famous Sting Ray City with us! The most exciting 12 foot dive you’ll ever do!

Diving Grand Cayman with a friendly nurse shark called Finn

Our divers have been enjoying meeting up with a friendly nurse shark called Finn who has been hanging out on the West Side of Grand Cayman. Come scuba dive with Neptune’s Divers and have a close encounter with Finn!

Cayman’s Original 8 Divers Scuba Operation Turns 20!

curly neppy
Happy Birthday to us! Neptune’s Divers Cayman Ltd, Cayman’s Original 8 divers Max and best on the island, turned 20 years old this month! 20 years of adventure scuba diving the beautiful waters of the Cayman Islands… can’t wait for the next 20!