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Cayman’s Original 8 Divers Scuba Operation Turns 20!

curly neppy
Happy Birthday to us! Neptune’s Divers Cayman Ltd, Cayman’s Original 8 divers Max and best on the island, turned 20 years old this month! 20 years of adventure scuba diving the beautiful waters of the Cayman Islands… can’t wait for the next 20!

You CAN see seahorses scuba diving the Cayman Islands!

Although relatively rare, if you search closely, you can see seahorses when you scuba dive in the Cayman Islands. They are very good at camouflage so take your time and you may get lucky!

Cayman Islands scuba diving with the Christmas Manta

XMas Manta
It’s that time of year again! Christmas and the holidays are upon us…. and we anxiously await to see if our Christmas Manta shows up again in Grand Cayman this year! Every year, just about this time, he shows up as a gift to us on our Christmas dives.

Scuba Diving Grand Cayman’s Famous North Wall

Summer is here which means the winds have calmed and we are back scuba diving Grand Cayman’s famous North Wall. Sheer dramatic drop off to 6000 feet with a great chance of seeing something larger such as HammerHead Sharks and Spotted Eagle Rays.

“Spring Love” and Diving in Grand Cayman

Spring Love Underwater

It’s Spring in Grand Cayman… and love is in the underwater world.

Whale Shark diving in Grand Cayman March 2012

We had the great fortune of a visit from a 35 ft. Whale Shark this month! You never know what you’ll see scuba diving in Grand Cayman!

Scuba diving with a Manta Ray in Grand Cayman!

We had exciting dives when a huge Manta Ray showed up on the North and West Walls with us on Grand Cayman for 2 days in a row!

Diving with Yellowheaded Jawfish / Grand Cayman

While diving yesterday we came across this YellowHeaded Jawfish with his eggs. Yellowheaded Jawfish are prevalent in the sandy areas in the waters around Grand Cayman. They are mouthbrooders which means the male protects the eggs inside his mouth.

Ex USS Kittiwake wreck 1 year Anniversary

We had the pleasure of scuba diving on the Ex USS Kittiwake wreck on it’s 1 year anniversary of being sunk in Grand Cayman’s waters.

New Year’s Day diving with Neptune’s Divers in Grand Cayman

Starting the year right with our first 2 dives of 2012! Happy New Year to all of our Neptune’s Divers Cayman family of divers!