“Best Dive Company we have ever dove with” ~ Tripadvisor


We dove our first day with RedSail Sports because it was our first time in Grand Cayman and weren’t sure where to go. So we dove 2 tanks with them ~ they were good to dive with also. But after our condo’s office told us  about Neptune’s Divers we looked at their prices and they were way better than the competition.  Carol, Niall and Casey were all great.  They let us leave all our gear on the boat and they stored it for us and each day when we would get picked back up and get on the boat all of our gear would already be set up.  And between dives they would switch our gear to new tanks. Their hard work surely pays off as we were happier diving with them than any other place we have ever dove with! We will surely be diving with them again next January! Thanks guys for the great diving experience!


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