Cayman Dive 365 Initiative

Featuring 365 diverse dive spots, Dive 365 opened its final mooring in November 2012, indulging enthusiastic divers in Cayman’s pristine crystal blue waters and spectacular underwater landscape, offering a new experience for each day of the year.

Since launching in 2008, the Dive 365 initiative has highlighted the Cayman Islands' dedication to providing divers with more opportunities while preserving the precious marine environment. Adding 68 new dive sites around all 3 islands, the initiative has aimed to alleviate the environmental impact of recreational diving at more popular sites while simultaneously offering divers the opportunity to immerse in Caymanian dive culture, opening up the lesser-known gems for safe public use. The 365 sites offer dives for all skill levels and, with new locations including secret spots of some of the destination's top dive masters.

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