All Prices are Per Person in US Dollars

Resort Course
If you’re thinking about trying out diving for the 1st time then try out our RESORT COURSE. This introduction to diving consists of a 20-30 minute lecture by our instructor on the equipment and important diving skills. We then give you an opportunity to get comfortable with the equipment and breathing underwater for the first time then we go on our 1st dive. We then move to a different dive site and go on another dive. These Courses are held every Afternoon from 1 – 4:30.

Repeat Resort
After completing your RESORT COURSE you would then be able to continue diving during your vacation on our REPEAT RESORT COURSE which is 2 afternoon dives on a beautiful reef or wreck with an instructor.

Full Certification
Our PADI FULL CERTIFICATION COURSE takes 3-4 days. What we ask is that you read the PADI Openwater Manual (You can find this manual at a dive shop in your area) before you arrive so that we can go right to the classroom and spend a day watching the videos, lectures and tests. The next morning we go right into the water to do the water skills and then it’s out on the boat to do your first 2 open water dives. We do these dives on the beautiful reefs off the West Side of the island. The following afternoon we finish up your last 2 open water dives. Then, if you choose, you’re able to go out on the morning Wall dives.

Open Water Referral (Check-Outs)
If you’ve taken your classes at home and just need to complete your 4 open water check out dives for Full Certification, bring a referral letter from your instructor and we can finish up your certification with 2 afternoons of diving with your required skills.


Complete all of your course work for certifications online before you arrive at

We do instruction for the following Agencies:

Advanced Course
The ADVANCED COURSE consists of 5 dives over a 2 day period. Your required skills are DEEP and NAVIGATION. You have your choice for the other 3 dives as ELECTIVE dives which you can find in the PADI Advanced Manual.

* Resort Course 2 dives 175.00
1 dive 125.00
* Repeat Resort 2 dives 160.00
1 dive 115.00
* Open water referrals 350.00
* Full Certification course 600.00
Elearning Water Portion 450.00
* All entry level courses include equipment, if needed.
Advanced Course 350.00

Other Training available
Rescue – Divemaster, upon request.