The Dive Boats

Neptune & Poseidon

We treat our divers to an uncrowded boat taking out only 8 Divers Max per trip. On our morning and afternoon 2 tank trips we provide an experienced instructor/guide for every dive to help with reef life identification, highlight points of interest or to help with any problem solving. We love to dive so it is fun for us to show you around our beautiful underwater realm. If you’d like, you can buddy up and explore on your own at your leisure. We are computer friendly to allow you longer bottom times.

On our comfortable and well equipped dive boats we have thought of everything to make your dive trip fun, safe and smooth:

  • Shade cover
  • Comfortable seating
  • Locked storage space (no need to lug your gear everyday)
  • All rental gear is on board. Need a spare? We have it.
  • Fresh ice water and ice cooler
  • Non skid camera table
  • Dry storage area
  • First Aid and oxygen on board
  • VHF and cell phones
  • You will find entry and exit access extremely easy from our dive platform and ladder.


Is a 30ft custom dive boat, we have had in service since 2000 We run Neptune primarily west and south however during the summer months we dive the North as well.



Is a 36ft Crusader, we added to the company Aug. 2006, and has become our North boat throughout the spring and summer then during the winter we move to the west or south depending on weather.